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What makes us jump out of bed in the morning?

We love what we do. And by “we” I mean me and my clan of true blues who are experts in what they do. In my career I’ve had the honor of working with the very best in graphic design, website design and development, presentation design, logo design and identity systems, online branding, LinkedInTM best practices, executive coaching, life coaching, business growth experts, business services (accountants, bookkeepers, payroll experts, lawyers), assessments, leadership and team development, video storytelling, and photography. I collaborate with them and bring them in when needed, and they are there for you at any time. Referrals make the world a better place.

Return often because things are constantly evolving

There is always something new to check out and learn. Better yet, contact us and sign-up to be In the Know“.  We communicate only when we need to. You will receive the latest blogs to inspire, motivate, and educate you (with True Blue guests who are experts in their field sharing best practices to help you thrive) and news about the latest and greatest offerings, including public workshop notifications, public keynotes, and new downloadables available in the soon-to-be-launched store.

We will continue to add new keynote and workshop titles with relevant and timely topics that will take you and your team to a new level of learning and “aha!” moments. We love creating a presentation or workshop designed specifically for your audience or need (built on the core notion of people impact and personal branding).

We will share new and upcoming public workshops you can register for and attend in the Twin Cities (our home base) and in our favorite cities around the world. Our clients are everywhere and we love to pack up and go, especially when it snows or the humidity hits 90% here in Minnesota. If you have a group of 10 or more true blues or work mates who would benefit from a one- or two-day workshop, let us know and we will bring the show to you!

My book series The Impact of You™ and Know Your Impact workbooks will launch in early 2019 with insights and exercises to help you at every stage of your career and life. There will be different versions for people in job search or career transition (fresh out of college or deep in your career), for leaders and emerging leaders, for public speakers and keynoters, and for people in high-profile roles.

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