Kathleen Crandall

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Kathleen Crandall is known for helping people understand, elevate, and leverage the impact of their image, their words, and the experience of knowing them or working with them. She helps people uncover and communicate what they are known for and what happens because of them intentionally and consistently in work and life.

Kathleen is a respected and nationally-known expert on personal branding, an engaging keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, a speaker coach and message development expert, and the founder of Know My Impact.

In 2008 she developed what is today known as the IMPACT Personal Brand Experience™. This powerful program and coaching curriculum helps individuals and organizations deliver exceptional brand experiences and achieve greater success through the impact of people brands. The IMPACT Business Brand Experience™ is available for new and growing businesses seeking a clear and focused market position, brand message, product or business name, and tools to bring their business brand to life with impact.

Kathleen leverages three decades as an executive in public relations, brand development and brand building, and message development and delivery in the work she does today. She delivers engaging keynotes and workshops for organizations around the world and is sought out for coaching by corporate leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, presenters, high-profile individuals, job seekers, and students entering the professional workforce.

She is proud graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communications, an adjunct facilitator and trainer for HIRED, and founder of two other successful businesses: Crandall Communications, Inc., a business strategy and communications consultancy, and Meaningful Connections (co-founded with Anne Pryor and Risë Kasmirski), a firm that specialized in personal branding, LinkedIn excellence, and career strategy.

Her long-awaited book series The Impact of You and Know Your Impact workbooks will be available in early 2019 – downloadable exercises from these books will be available on this site soon.