Personal Branding

Bring your authentic personal brand to life

In business, job search, leadership impact, business development and sales. In life.

WHAT: The IMPACT Personal Branding Experience™

A unique personal branding process that helps you understand what your personal brand really is and how to leverage it to get what you want in work and life.

The IMPACT Personal Branding Experience is a guided  process that will help you articulate what you are known for and what happens because of you – your impact on people that leads to an impact in business.  This process helps you gain clarity what you want to be known for and communicate it in verbal introductions and interviews, on your LinkedIn profile, resume, networking profile, bios or board bios. We also help you bring your brand to life consistently and intentionally through your image, communications, and the experience of knowing you and working with you.

Options: One-to-one private coaching engagement (see process below) or two-part workshop experience


Those who clearly and consistently communicate their impact (personal brand), and what they are known for, get their dream job, and reach personal and professional goals.  They make a positive impact. They make a difference.



  • seeking professional development to understand and leverage their brand in business and raise their profile in their organization or industry
  • in job search or career transition who want to land their dream job in a company that is an ideal fit
  • who want to understand and leverage their personal brand in their next career move or elevate their presence in their current role
  • who want to elevate their performance in sales or business development
  • seeking to launch or build their business or consulting practice
  • authors and public speakers
  • keynote speakers
  • high school graduates applying for college
  • college grads seeking their first professional job

Options: One-to-one private coaching engagement (see process below) or two-part workshop experience

Organizations (Employee Brand and Impact in building business):

People brands are an extension of the business brand experience. Organizations that harness the power of their employee brands can build the company brand through their communications, the experience of working with them, and using branded messaging in tools like LinkedIn, leave behinds, website bios and so much more. This process is ideal for leaders, sales, business development, public speakers, and people who serve as the spokesperson or face of the organization.

Options: Individual professional development or executive visibility coaching (see process below) and private group workshops


One-to-one private coaching engagement – a guided 3-4 week engagement that combines powerful exercises, feedback, and one-to-one coaching to help you get clarity on what you are known for (or aspire to be) and what happens because of you – from your perspective and those whose opinions matter in feedback. We meet for four to five sessions (online and/or in person) and work in collaboration to hone your personal brand message platform, refine delivery, identify stretch goals, and integrate your brand into your optimized LinkedIn™ profile, your branded (and ATS-compliant) master resume and networking profile, and tools to accelerate your job search and be found by recruiters. To learn more, please contact Kathleen for more information.  Investment: $2,500

Fast Track Process – one to two-week turnaround with job search deliverables listed below with asterisk for $1,500


  • Comprehensive Personal Brand Summary that provides details on your impact, what differentiates you from others and how you can leave a positive impression with every interaction
  • Personal and Professional goals
  • Powerful feedback from others
  • Branded Core Messaging for verbal and written communications
  • Branded and optimized LinkedIn Profile and Summary with tips to maximize LinkedIn™ to be found and build your brand awareness in job search or business building*
  • Branded, best practice and ATS-compliant Master Resume*, Professional Bio, or Board Bio
  • Branded, best practice Networking Profile*
  • Branded business card content and email signature content*
  • Branded Elevator Script/compelling answer to “Tell me about yourself” that is easy to remember and deliver AND listen to*
  • Coaching and recommendations to bring your brand to life through your image, your communications, and the experience of knowing you or working with you
  • Optional: Mock Interview session(s) to help you shine in any interview with responses and examples that bring your brand to life